Who’s the Next Meryl? (for Alternate Ending)


I am very happy to announce that the folks over at Alternate Ending, who run a fine website and an equally fine podcast, have asked me to become a contributor. So if you’re  weirdo who wishes I wrote more often on this blog, you will be glad to know I’ll be publishing monthly articles for them. Below is a little taste of my first piece: Who is the Next Meryl? 

It’s a hard truth but I gotta tell it: one day, there’ll be no Meryl Streep. This day will hopefully not come until many, many years from now, but I can’t help but worry. My cinephilia is strongly linked to my predilection for actresses, and there is no one who represents contemporary Great Acting like her.

If you’re reading this, you already know who she is. Widely considered the best actress of her generation, she is also one of the few performers who can still open a medium-budget drama based solely on the fact that people will be interested in seeing her act. She is, basically, the acting queen. I worry because at some point in the future Meryl’s star will set for good, and we will have to turn to another lady to take her crown. I’m sure Meryl has many years of great performances ahead of her, but we have to start looking at some point, don’t we?