The Week in Movie Podcasts (Nov. 9-14)

This was a pretty good week for podcasts, lots of interesting and funny discussions, so here are some recommendations.

Podcast of the Week:

Voice Film ClubThe Voice Film Club podcast spans two coasts, as it is hosted by writers of both the Village Voice, and its sister newspaper the L.A. Weekly. In this installment, Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek from the Voice, and Amy Nicholson from L.A. Weekly share theirs thoughts on some of the week’s new releases (particularly Foxcatcher and Rosewater), but the real reason why I chose it as the podcast of the week, is because of what comes after the discussion of those movies.

That’s when Amy Nicholson starts talking about the experience of writing a piece for the L.A. Weekly about Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala. You shouldn’t be worried if those names don’t ring a bell, they are two guys who, starting when they were children back in the early eighties, and spanning 33 years, dedicated a large portion of their lives to film a shot-for-shot remake of Steven Spielberg’s Raiders of the Lost Ark. These guys’ story is pretty fascinating, and Nicholson’s anecdotes about meeting them equally entertaining. What’s more, if you are intrigued by the discussion on the podcast, you can head over to the L.A. Weekly website, and read the finished piece about them.

Other Recommendations This Week:

Battleship Pretension: On their regular episode, Tyler Smith and David Bax deal with the always interesting, but also impossible to answer, question of what constitutes “independent film”. Does that title even mean anything anymore? But the surprising development this week, is the introduction of a new supplemental episode, the BP Movie Journal, in which the hosts will share their comments on the movies they’ve been watching recently. As someone who’s listen to the show for years, and, while immensely enjoying their in-depth conversations about different genres and eras of filmmaking, has often gone to see the latest releases and wondered “what would Tyler and David have thought about this movie?”, this new supplement comes as great news.

Fighting in the War Room: As I mentioned on my post about the HBO miniseries Olive Kitteridgethese guys were one of the few outlets to talk about this fantastic piece of television. That alone is enough to recommend this episode, but the fact that there is also a round of 2014-movie-line-trivia is the cherry on top. (I didn’t listen to their review segment this week, because it focuses on Foxcatcher, and I haven’t seen it yet).

The CanonIt’s a very Indiana Jones-heavy week, as Devin Faraci of Badass Digest, and the aforementioned Amy Nicholson, argue about the quality of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Unlike what happened during their Goodfellas discussion, which was featured on last week’s post, there isn’t that much Devin can do to defend a movie as flawed as Temple of Doom against Amy’s astute criticisms.

Mousterpiece CinemaThis podast is dedicated to analyzing and reviewing movies produced and distributed by the Walt Disney Company. This week, hosts Josh Spiegel and Gabe Bucsko are joined by John Gholson to review Big Hero 6. Two of them seem to have been as underwhelmed by the film as I was, and they go very much into detail on many of the things I disliked about the movie, but couldn’t find room to write about in my review.

/FilmcastSimilarly, the guys of the /Filmcast, like me, have very mixed feelings about Interstellar. David Chen, Devindra Hardewar, and Jeff Canatta, are joined this week by Matt Singer, and have a very in-depth discussion about Interstellar, director Christopher Nolan, and the current trend of nitpicking on science-fiction movies’ scientific accuracy.


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