2013 Oscar Winner Predictions: Original Song

Let It Go

Undoubtedly, the big news about this category came with the nomination of “Alone Yet Not Alone”, the theme of the movie Alone Yet Not Alone. If you haven’t heard about the controversy, then you probably haven’t heard about Alone Yet Not Alone, either. Neither had most of the people that were left scratching their head after nomination morning. This is a low-budget christian movie about a couple of little settler girls kidnapped by native American heathens. You can watch the slightly racist trailer here. Now there is nothing wrong with nominating a movie, no matter how unknown, if you think the craft at hand is deserving of an award. Alone Yet Not Alone‘s almost total obscurity, however, started raising some questions. How did Academy members, the elite of Hollywood liberalism, even knew about this movie’s existence?

Well, it wasn’t too long until the media started reporting that “Alone Yet Not Alone” composer Bruce Broughton also happened to be a former member of the executive committee of the Academy’s music branch. Broughton apparently used his privileges to embark in an Oscar quest all his own, in which he personally e-mailed members of the music branch asking them to please consider nominating the song he had written for this obscure christian film. Now, thanks to these antics, which violated the campaigning rules established by the Academy, Broughton’s nomination has now been revoked. The result of this has been that some members of the christian community have voiced complaints about anti-christian biases in Hollywood. That reaction, however, is not that surprising, and actually not as interesting as the question of whether the revocation is fair and merited.

I mean, it is ridiculous that Broughton managed to get a nomination by e-mailing members of the Academy, but at the same time, isn’t that kind of behavior been promoted by Harvey Weinstein and other executives that spend millions of dollars mounting enormous campaigns in order to get nominations? The massive and relentless campaigning has certainly made it so that the nomination of a small, independent movie is virtually impossible. It is true that the Oscars have never been overwhelmingly welcoming of small independent cinema, but if you look at some nominations of the past, you’ll find some pretty cool and daring choices. Let’s just hope that the future will open the doors for great movies, no matter who is behind them, to get nominated. Oh, and yeah, “Let It Go” will obviously (and deservedly) win this award.

Will Win: Let it Go (Frozen)

My Vote: Let It Go (Frozen)



  1. The Animation Commendation · February 4, 2014

    I think this is a given.

    • Conrado Falco · February 4, 2014

      yeah, I’d be shocked if it didn’t win.

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